Color-Right App

Get the color right every time you paint.

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The paint color matching app that actually makes sense. You paint something and then record the paint formula, color, sheen, images and other information related to the painting project."


Next time you paint or need a touch up you will be sure to get the Color-Right©.

Where has this been all my life!

"What an excellent app I now have a place to store my paint formulas and know exactly what colors I have."

Audrey Marissa

Real App User


"Not only can I store exactly what paint I used in my home, but I can also notate what store I purchased it from for future reference. Very detail oriented, excellent!"


DIY Painter

Great app super easy to use

"The paint industry has been needing this for years. The app is really easy to use and has tons of features."

Ricardo Benavidez

Professional Painter